Why get more Instagram followers

On a platform where one shares their photos and videos with the public, Instagram likes is a feature that helps the content creator to see the reaction to their post. It helps the creator to understand what they should post more to keep their followers happy and what type of content is expected from them.

The like button is often placed right below the post where it is easily accessible.

Here are five tips that can help you grow Instagram followers:

  1. Creative and simple bio.

Make your bio simple don’t add extra things. Add in your bio about you, any famous quote, or any line/sentence which motivates and inspires you. You can also make your bio cute by adding some cute emojis that will look aesthetic or maybe a theme if you choose correctly. And if you have any shop or website store of anything add that too but neatly not with fake promises.

  1. Consistency

Consistency is the key to growing followers. Now you will ask why, well it is because everyone like to follow who updates. Imagine you make an account and then post it every 4 months or 4 weeks. Would you like to follow them? No, right! Because you want updates especially if you don’t know about anything or a particular thing. But while keeping consistency in mind don’t forget that quality is far better than quantity.

  1. Collaboration

Well, it is also important because if you collab with famous influencers then their followers will be watching you plus your followers too. Another way to increase your Instagram following is to use influencer marketing. You can pay content artists to promote your brand if you have the funds.

  1. Timing

If you ask anyone what is the best time to post anything on Instagram? Everyone will tell different timings because it is different for everyone. For some influencers, the best time to post is in the morning, for some it may be night. And you have to find which time is perfect for you. For that you have to share content every time like on Monday post it in the morning, then on Tuesday post it in the afternoon, and so on until you find your perfect timing.

Likes on Instagram are generally used to measure the success of the post. The creator has access to the number of likes, who liked them and when.